Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chapter One: Untitled - Scott Lord in love new novel

Please visit the new revision of my novel at the below link. I had been writing a novel when Donna and I began seeing each other and I haven't written any more of it yet but have been blogging rather while waiting for a first paragraph.
     What happenned was, we took a shower, (which is the room where I had first proposed, or brought the idea of it up), went to get the mail and found out that we I would be formally moving in, after our vitually living together for months, if not ten months, and we then had a pizza to celebrate. The scene lends itself to a first chapter. The flashback material can be in the form of reminiscent conversation, eg. "Remember the poinsettia we had at Christmas? Did you want it as much as the roses?"

I also this week replaced our poinsettia with a philodendrom.

Chapter One: Untitled - Scott Lord in love new novel:

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