Sunday, April 1, 2012

A rose for Donna, the weekend we slept late

Friday I brought Donna a rose and we were thinking of going to Boston Saturday morning, and then returning again for a church service at The Park Street Church, which we attended together last week. She had an odd question, whether God would forgive her if she didn't make it to the service-so when she was shopping for clothes and I saw a King James Bible, I noticed a volume of ecclesiastical poetry with passages laid out in concordance for specific times of meditation. I brought her a jewelry box to go with it. We did go to breakfast (eggs and french toast) yesterday (Saturday) morning but have really allowed the weather to keep us here.
I got a little bit of a jolt when looking for copies of films to study when I came across a Harold Pinter, meaning writing a novel can always be sensitivity-depth, so it is with that in mind that I thought of her and whether she would like a book.

Film history, theory and Criticism while waiting to write more of my novel.

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