Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Donna and I live together" I worked with her last week.

I have to make Donna a get well blog entry. She's on bedrest a week after I thought I had a possible "life-threatening disease like kidney dialysis", which I don't. It was interesting to have to answer the person working in the coffee shop who was getting too conversational with my, "Donna and I live together." When she was having her coffee we realized that it has now been for the last 10 and a half months. Last week she asked me to work with her Friday and then for the five day week following. She was beginning to feel sick on Friday so I'll look through the periodicals I usually read from between 1900-1930 and find something as an old-fashioned get well card. She worked in Copley Square, Boston before we met, so I held out this illustration- most full page magazine ads from before 1930 can now serve as posters. Scott Lord silent film

Scott Lord