Monday, March 12, 2012

Is there a greater nemesis for Sherlock Holmes than Jack the Ripper?

Sherlock Holmes Radio Drama

Its Donna's birthday and I found something that I liked for myself, which she said was cool.

Actually, these are two of the nicest radio dramas of the modern era I have yet heard. Please feel as though I recommend them for your listening pleasure and to intrigue you.

For those of you residing in London or its environs, it was in fact Donna's birthday and Daylight Savings Time. As we had an errand to run we went to a nearby local churchyard. Please form an opinion on the above photo of where we spent the afternoon. It was a nice contrast to last night, when we went into the city to see a movie and had birthday cake at midnight. The abrupt change in the weather allowed us to go to the chapel this afternoon. Feel invited to write a poem about the statue, which is concrete from the late nineteenth century.

In regard to the link below, I was fortunate enough to see The Seven Percent Solution first run in a theater. Please experience the story as it was broadcast as a radio drama.

The Seven Percent Solution as originally aired on radio

I brought her a rose this morning (and plant food to help save the poinsettia I gave her, which is sprouting new leaves)

Scott Lord