Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday Cake at Midnight, Donna and i went to another movie( Jennifer Aniston)

Donna's birthday was tonight and there was birthday cake left for midnight. I looked through the empty Valentine's Day heart shaped candy box where we keep movie tickets  to find which movie we saw at the theater we were at tonight, but most of them read Harvard or MIT, whereas tonight we saw the film on Tremont Street-  there are seven different films that I noticed. Its a cool thing in which to keep concert tickets.
After the movie we had dinner. I understand Jennifer Aniston better now after seeing her in this, whereas Horrible Bosses she was more of supporting actress- she is in fact a modern comedianne. Her and Donna can be alike at times I would not be disappointed if it was written be a studio script department that may have had her or her script approval in mind- but the film is like the Descendants in its have a layer of profundity, which I like about both films, It might not be how I like to experience the profound, but if there is a new "intelligent comedy" film emerging (genre, subgenre) I do happen to welcome it. Chaplin as actor, writer director did include what it is to be human in his entertaining people with what is humoruous. If I think they overrated The Descendants as a film, then it could be I like Aniston, or Aniston in this film. And yet, we went to a later movie tonight and I'm only typing during an after dinner coffee- honestly, this is all I've written tonight and it's been less than ten minutes.

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