Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Week- I concede the tiff. Donna said I Love You. Love Letter to Follow.

I have already begun celebrating Valentine's Day with Donna and Pinky (Pinky parentheses the pink stuffed animal Valentine's Day bear that is holding a heart).
I went out in the cold to bring her home a bagel (cheese bagel, I believe) and coffee and her mother was screaming at her about money or something other than money really. I just left a message of apology for any child abuse involved in the matter- any ever- and any lack of sensitivity on my part.
{I'll concede and tuck my high school copy of Marriage and Morals (unnamed British author) into my independent non-pass.}
What she does know is that I had to retract any proposal of marriage, and that was worded as for no reason given and for an indefinite time period- technically she knows that I have been common law before and why debate the Christ.

Before that- we had exceedingly tentative plans to see the film The Vow together, which could have been for yesterday had they not been ruined. It is not surprising that I'm combining her birthday with Valentines. In all probability, I usually have taken the two holidays of two months together with one woman if they are celebrated at all.

She has a lover's joke about when our noses meet when we are kissing about Pinnochio, its teasing in a loving way. Well, Jimminy Crickets, Donna, I would be kissing you without a conscience.

Donna- please wait for a love letter. Scott

Scott Lord