Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Romantic Morning to You, Nancy Drew"

Every morning I've said, "Good Morning, I Love You", this morning, because we were awake very late last night making love, I said, "Romantic Morning to to You" I thought I'd try; being lovers is treating the other with politeness; just remain polite and everything else follows.
She was in fact tired and in a hurry, but we again didn't know that we would be making love untill it was the middle of the night.

When she was at college for art history she wanted to take more journalism- apparently it was People Magazine at that time, whereas I had submitted poetry that year to The Atlantic Monthly, my first and only "rejection slip" in 1978-9, although I also was sent of copy of a first edition by the author and got a merry christmas letter from Updike- its more disastrous that we had an artist-in-residence program that went nowhere while she was there. I happened to find a movie that would explain it.

Scott Lord

Scott Lord