Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Donna took me to another movie, I brought her breakfast

To begin the year, Donna felt like going to New Years Eve, but due to the cold and the crowded subway on the holiday, we went to one in Cambridge, rather than Boston. Movies we go to I never review: there are three presently on the marquee now playing that we have seen together. She's a petite; I bought her a red wool zippered jacket for the holiday.
Another movie together: I usually tell her I love her during the middle of the film. The movies we saw during 2011 included:

Bad Teacher
Martha Macy May
Tree of Life
Horrible Bosses
My Week With Marilyn
Young Adult
Friends with Benefits

ok: they are the movies she wants to see, (whenever she feels like one), not necessarily the ones I would in any way be involved with personally.
Rhetorically- that they are seen for fun and romance is enough?

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