Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Donna gave me all six Inner Sanctum films

Every night I listen to one, if not two, radio mysteries (Old Time Radio) and since October have heard most of the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and quite a number of episodes from The Shadow with Orson Welles, but I've been waiting to make it The CBS Radio Mystery Theater. I have not heard that many of the Inner Sanctum radio shows, on which the CBS Mystery Theater was based.

Donna gave me a copy of the Son of Dracula, with Lon Chaney, for Christmas, but Chaney made six films based on the Inner Sanctum radio show and used the Glamour model (pin-up) actresses of Universal, including Evelyn Ankers (pearl of Death,Voice of Terror), Patricia Morrison (Dressed to Kill), Ramsey Ames (The Mummy's Ghost) and Anne Gwynn (House of Dracula).
I like Chaney in the role, without make up.
The writing is superb and from William Scott Darling!

Scott Lord

I told Donna that I have waited since 1972-73, 75 at the nearest, to see the films and gave her largest than you.
I watched the films Calling Dr. Death and Weird Woman before listening to the radio version of Till Death Do Us Part, which advertises that Boris Karloff would be included in the cast of next week's show.

Scott Lord