Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Date with Donna tomorrow- went to be late last night

I asked Donna if we had a date tomorrow and she said yes, actually we live together (if not on paper, it could be soon). We went to bed around midnight; I "tucked her in" in a way, and by the time I had a cigarette it was two in the morning. She exclaimed during our conversation or lack of it, "You are good in bed." in that if she were to say, "I may have orgasmed." she has the feeling that it is in resolution, whereas I signal that it is more the beginning than end, and that it is only a sign of plateau. I "countered" after softly with "You are an attractive woman." and she said "Thank You"

I did in fact say hello and "bless you" to one of "The Cambridge Poets" yesterday; she mentioned "emotional difficulties" nicely, meaning that she was glad to say hello to me but was on her way and I said, "Poetry can confront those." Donna and I passed the Longefellow House down Brattle, so after making love I mentioned that all this time we've been going the long way around and it could very well be in walking distance from Radcliffe if you go to Cambridge Common. "It isn't open is it?" We had had wanted to go all summer and kept riding past it on the bus.

Sherlock Holmes

I'll look for a present for her tommorow morning.

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