Thursday, October 20, 2011

Donna had the nicest idea: a walk through Mount Auburn Cemetery

Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Donna again took me to lunch and dinner. I hadn't had a hot pastrami sandwich in 25 years, but this one was grilled with cheese. I told her at the Fisherman's Statue in Gloucester that it was "one of my beautiful places on earth" and for that reason I wanted to bring her. Mount Auburn is another. Yesterday we discovered a Halcyon Lake while looking at the statues. It was warm in the morning, but she had dressed for autumn, so it was similar to our ending the summer in Rockport in its being a beginning of Autumn. The foliage has only begun to change color and it isn't yet too cold to walk in the afternoon.
Mount Auburn describes itself as "a rare natural oasis-open to all-for serenity, solace and inspiration. Story Chapel is near the entrance, which we found to be ornate with its stained glass.
I was in the middle of reading The Moon and Sixpence and didn't have a particular poem I was looking at and the cemetery itself is far from being one of the oldest in Boston or Cambridge. In any event, W. S. Maugham writes, "Art is a manifestation of emotion." and describes the relation of the protagonist to another character by using the expression, "We took a fancy one another." and I'm waiting for the narrator to interact further with a female character in the novel. In the cemetery are Longfellow, Holmes, Lowell, and, among others, Winslow Homer.

Scott Lord

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