Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crumpets with Donna, "I need you" added to "Goodnight, I Love You"

   Actually, I mentioned to her that the crumpets were like pancakes on the reverse side. Sunday morning were neglected church, in short because although she likes to sing hymns, her pastor won't perform a wedding ceremony between a Christian church member and an agnostic. I told him to fuck. I'm glad that I saw a local publication extolling a group of "non-believers adhering to humanism" because it reinforced my thinking of "Pray for people, don't send them into misery with religious quarrels." Compassion and empathy are very necessary to romance, to the extent that if you feel romantic about someone and insist on using politeness, while your being polite to your lover, there will have to be some kindness that will shine through. She often questions sex as being integral to love, to where I told her, "Just call it making love." so the game of attraction and being sexually attracted can be the chess game of politeness, that goes to a deeper level.
     We've been a couple since the beginning of June, so last night it heightened to where knowing that an "I love you" was expected within the plateaus of arousal, I replaced it with and "I need you", to which she responded with , "I need you".
     After we went to brunch, I took a walk "for a little while" by the river, which at that juncture is a canal untill
you reach a bridge. It was an exception, but we took a walk together later for coffee. Include crumpets with butter to my exploits.
     In bed I said, "I promise" and she said "promise what" and I replied, "That I won't tell you, but I just promise" What I was thinking was that I would promise not to remember her in way that would not include my trying to understand her as a person; that I wouldn't think of anything about her that  during our first three our four months may have needed my sensitivity and a deeper acknowledgement of who she is and what can be. For example if she was overly concerned with the will of God and his plans for man, which isn't exactly the only thing there may have been. Wondering if she is fluctuating between 124 lbs and 123lbs during a two hour film isn't exactly one of the other things that I promised to overlook either, but frustrations and stress and the inner workings of menapause probably affect many women. By and large, relationships develop in the same way characters in a novel become more fully articulated, so why not give a real human being the same patience as a fictional character would have.
     My novel: I came up with a scenario that Van Helsing and Dracula were both dead and Sherlock Holmes would battle Harker. Harker moving about and amidst the living.
     I opened my mail box after not seeing it for two weeks. The only thing sent to me by the post office was the WHRB Program Guide. Scheduled for tonight is not only Piano concerto No 1 in B-flat (Tchaikovsky) but Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64 (Prokofiev). The happen to play Princeton this week (At least Beat Yale) We'll most likely be watching a mystery in bed.

Scott Lord


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