Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bedtime Tonight: Magic- Boston wrote me today about Donna taking me to the concert.

Bedtime magic, a Boston radio station, continuous soft rock magic 106.7, wrote to me today about Donna taking me to the Stevie Nicks Concert.

I quote the entire letter:

Woo-Hoo! Stevie Nicks!

signed David Allen Bouche, the evening on air disc jockey. If he doesn't lock himself out of the studio again, I would like to provide a link. I didn't know that Woo preceded Hoo!

Bedtime Magic

Bedtime Tonight

Last night Donna took me took dinner again and I reluctantly varied for the more expensive item because of how frequently she has "treated" when we should be alternating who pays for dinner more often. I had a very nostalgic Big Mac, my being old enough to have been one of the first million people to have ordered one. She was beautiful waitng for their intercom to play the song "My Favorite Mistake", which I think is sexy and explained the Basil Rathbone scene where he says, "Not mistakes, Joe, variations." during Dressed to Kill. Music Boxes.
And what a fool I've been now that the world is apparently missing yet another Rembrandt; I think this one was entitled "The Judgement." Rembrandts that vanish.
Please visit any of the new Sherlock Holmes webpages that I put together while Donna was in the shower or putting on cosmetics.
Actually I became a little thoughtful while we were in bed and instead of holding myself up with my biceps and forearms, last night I lowered myself on to her softly,
putting my chest on top of hers while kissing her kneck. She said that she loved the intimacy.
She has maintained weight while we've been going together and mentions it as being 124 to 121. When we began our love affair I was lifting 210lbs with my abdomen and with my torso and pumping 185 on the vertical chest. I was curling 170.
I was pulling down 240. I still weigh 134lbs. But my new trick-mystery is that I use a weight barbell during my absence from the gym, so when she mentions her diet, I use the seen-on-television "rip shaker" that is designed to give you a six minute workout to "dynamiclly" become more ripped or cut, therefore, the cut I got from whey protien is now worked on by a "dynamic muscles builder toner". More like Bruce Lee than with the gym, but still it is work put on top of a year and a have on the Nautillus- therefore wish me luck and diligence on seeking a square (rocking hard) body. I might regain or improve with the "Shake-Weight" (available at pharmacies, Donna let me get it for my 49th birthday.)

Scott Lord