Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Diary of Anne Frank, Loeb Experimental Theater

There is a beautiful garden adjacent to the entrance of the Loeb Experimental Theater Harvard-Radcliffe.

I took this photo for all those familiar with the Boston subway system as a souvenir.

To begin May this year, we saw a production of The Dairy Of Anne Frank. It is well worth seeing any play at the venue because of its size, which is intimate. Keep in mind you would want to know theory behind the Theater of the Twnetieth century before providing a criticism. Of the students and don’t take for granted that there are volumes written on Theater by authors from Harvard as well as European authors that made the century fertile for those who study it.
The was a voice over reading of excerpts from The Diary of Anne Frank inserted into the play that provide a reference for the audience into the story, emotionally from the view of the character and I. Regard to the plot line.
After the performance a talk was given by a Rabbi, but my wife was not feeling up to it. I made sure to say Thank You to some of the cast members after the performance.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

I think I said “God Bless Him” when I saw singer Frankie Valli coming towards us as large as life to sign autographs. The Theater was incredibly small and we had Orchestra seats, but our transportation was arranged from Boston to Medford and then Medford to Cambridge with an hour and a half wait. There were youths with old album covers waiting in the driveway and due to it taking about three quarters of an hour for the singer Valli to make it to his limousine, we happenned to by that time have had no where else to wait for our ride.
We did purchase a CD after the concert, but not one of the autographed copies. We quickly handed it to someone from the Theater along with the cardboard long playing album covers and they asked me to take off the plastic. I had two minutes to unwrap the C.D. While Frankie Vallie was signing less than a handful of autographs.
Donna walked over to him and said, “You’re from Newark. I’m from Tom’s River, New Jersey.” Apparently, he smiled.

That was last night- right now I’m in the same chair I was in during the Boston Marathon Bombing, in what is technically
Allston/Brighton, one subway stop after B.U. West, a little down from the B.U bridge,on the side of the school opposite to the Citgo Sign.

Scott Lord