Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My personal interview with and screening of Chelsea Girls for one of surviving actors.

While I was typing , and elderly gentleman that I happen to occasionally socialize with who appeared in this 1966 film by Andy Warhol happenned to walk passed. I quickly pulled up the film and screened it for him. He described and identified the other actors in the film while it was running, telling me which woman he went to bed with, which he liked most, which actor was addicted to amphetamines, which shared Warhol's sexual proclivity.
Before I had met him, I had happenned to complete an online course on art and Andy Warhol offered by the University of Edinburgh, the university offering an online course entitled Introduction to Philosophy,  in which I presently have a mentor position. I am in the class as an observer after having passed for an extended period, about twice as long as the course takes to finish. Actually, I wasn't working on being a philosophy mentor tonight, I'm waiting for a grade in a lingustics course from the Netherlands that finished last week and I'm mostly studying Viking Saga, the Poetic and Prose Eddas from the University of Zurich. The linguistic course featured a graded 12 minutes lecture from guest Naom Chomsky.
That was the movie part of tonight's dinner and a movie. Donna and I had lunch, baked chicken and squash, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the MIT Johnson Athletic Center on Vassar Street.

Scott Lord