Friday, March 27, 2015

Harvard Square, Rain

I stopped a child from running into the street this afternoon. This is where things happen to a character in a novel, and then the afternoon comes and more things happen. Actually, it's fairly undisclosed that I was concerned about Donna being sick and in need of a new medicine and we were in Harvard Square, near Holyoke Gate waiting for transportation. A child about three years old came darting towards me toward Massachusetts Avenue. I moved a little to the left thinking I might need to block him, and then a little more to the left, and then right at the last minute near the curb, I bent down and put out my arm to stop him. What a mistake I never made. They are fast. (I waved to the child while leaving and was polite to the mother, who seemed bilingual, if not foreign and deferentially said thank you while leaving) I am waiting for the weekend for an online course from Harvard University I'm enrolled in, but don't foresee any on campus lectures or readings this month scheduled that may be open to the public there, at Boston University or at MIT for that matter, and from the schedule I've checked for the film theater at the Carpenter, there aren't any screenings of silent films that I need right away. We just happened to be on our way back to the apartment.

Scott Lord