Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My wild rabbit has been in the courtyard every night at midnight, it's beginning to snow while he's out there

My wild rabbit has been in the courtyard every night at midnight, near my ashtray. It's there now as it is beginning to lightly snow. My courses have resumed, making a total of seventeen weeks of philosophy, tonight's quiz came in at 100%, I'll self grade an 83% if I need a more reasonable number of attempts for the five out of six questions, but the machine reads 100% based on my studying. It's the third University, with certificates from both Edinburgh and Copenhagen, this time it's the University of Singapore. The body of work for poetry has resumed, if you'll allow Shelley and Byron from UPenn, UPenn leaves it's poetry study open for extra study after a certificate is received- so I can't really lose. The upcoming Shakespeare class has quizzes. Here is my course schedule from last year together with what I've decided upon for this. Scott Lord Scott Lord So there was the first week of this year's online classes: Shelley/Byron as an extra class and the regular Philosophy study with British Lieterature and American Literature later this week. I would retake both Art and or Film, which were a little under 90% were they not begun when the newer classes start.

Scott Lord