Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fried Clams at Motif #1, Rockport, Massachusetts

Artists of the Rockport Art Association:

'via Blog this' The Episcopal Church in Rockport had a nice idea. Donna is a church librarian in Boston, and I told her that whenever we walk by a church and it is open, she can go in to pray. Tonight we had fried clams on Bearskin Neck and left around sunset. This is the fourth year we've visited and the church has a sign that reads Meditation Garden. There is a pathway along side the church where there is a sculpture an artist made for his deceased daughter, depicting her as a female Galahad, in armor with a shield, but it continues around the back of the church to a small enclosed area with a small well with fish, actually goldfish the size of perch- I'm not sure what type of fish. There's a statue and a bench. On Sunday night, around sunset, Donna was free to quietly pray.I found the art of Harrisson Cady, who apparently painted Motif #1 in 1908.I found him while looking for the paintings of John M. Buckley.

Scott Lord