Saturday, June 9, 2012

Donna took me another movie- another Cameron Diaz film

Donna took me to another Cameron Diaz movie. She will correct me and say that it was a " household expense", whereas when she mentioned that they are "romatic comedies", I'll say that they are new movies in theaters that she wants to see and I consent to see them with her. I appreciate it, but they are not my particular type of film.
I have officially moved in after our celebrating our one year anniversay of dating untill living together.
In regard to expecting the unexpected, the theme of the film was that the character couples were almost entirely seperate, and the film structured episodically untill the end where the events didn't really coincide where the plot threads became interconnected, but thematically, by dint of miracle, all the stories had a similar element that transpired at the end, leaving the viewing to say, expect a funny miracle, expect a miracle funnier than tragedy itself. Yesterday when we were supposed to be on our way to the film, there was a thunderstorm that was very quick and rapidly strong- the hawk apparently made it through and is still nesting across the street, although I haven't seen him or his mate very much today.
She was late for her class in Boston this morning and I didn't blog in the coffeeshop while waiting for her and now it is after midnight. By the way, renew my interest in filmmaking: I found that the director was cutting on action, particularly cutting on the action of the character leaving the frame.

Scott Lord