Sunday, April 8, 2012


My "tests were normal". No prescription, i.e. I kicked it. It looked serious. While waiting I got a quick e-mail hello from the discjockey on Magic.106.7, David Allen Boucher and he was the only "writer" with which I corresponded.  Donna listens to the station, not I, so I noted that this week I had been listening to The Sunny Side of Life, by Gordon Lightfoot and 99 Miles from L.A by Art Garfuncle/Albert Hammond and Mine for Me by Rod Stewart. I worked with Donna Friday morning, and by all accounts might be working with her tommorow morning- usually I type when she's there
This morning:
The little girl next door then brought us luck and two easter eggs. I asked her her name and she introduced herself as Madeline.

Donna asked to go to church and we attended the Park Street Church for our second service there. Actually, In like the building and they included a hymn today by Charles Wesley. I like the artist enough to include a link.

Dore Bible Gallery, Vol. 9:

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