Monday, February 13, 2012

Donna took me to another movie.THE VOW - Official Trailer - In Theaters Valentine's Day 2012

The reason I haven't blogged about the film yet, is that the minute we got back to her apartment we made love, and then took a shower together before dinner. I reminded her that it could be spontaneous after we had finished.
I bowed my head to avert looking at the screen during the Titanic Trailer. I had brought Donna a rose this morning, we went to lunch, where she reminded me that it was my second hot pastrami in more than a quarter century and then we went for coffee in Harvard Square- I was thinking that if we were going to do something, or anything, that we couldn't afford financially, a rose would settle it and be a nice touch.
I had mentioned that I was on paper retracting any marriage proposal and then when we were in the shower we remembered that it was there that I had first thought would be suitable place to do that very thing and she said that she again would accept, which includes live together now.
The film uses art as the thematic, or as theme centered plot, which is enjoyable for its own sake. There is a high contrast scene where the artist uses white canvass and the light washes over the room, which might pertain to the main character's mentioning "competing light"

In regard to the previous blog entry and my promise this morning to write Donna a love letter, the nicest part of this evening may have been saying, "You look nice" in the Square,
(Hollyoke-Porcelain). The "undisclosed thing" would be that I was in the bathroom and she undressed to weigh herself (clothes=pounds) and after thinking that I felt like joking I realized I didn't and to be honest with you, I usually don't. I got into a kneeling position while she stepping off the scale and kissed her untill she sat on the bed.

Can I latter offer a fictional love letter in an attempt to search for epistolary form? I would prefer that as a short story in epistolary form, it would be a chapter that could be included in a first or third person novel. Or of course as a first and third person alternation
novel chapter.

Scott Lord

Scott Lord

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