Saturday, December 31, 2011

Midnight Kiss

As Donna and I were ringing in the new year, and, apparently, this year is a leap year
(The exact quote from me was, 'February 29 is international leap year day-this country can count to four!), we kissed at midnight night. Four minutes into the new year I turned around only to find out that we are high enough above the city to watch the celebration that is shown on television from her terrace. It was beautiful, but I couldn't get to my camera, which is on my laptop, which is a Dell that doesn't require wifi. To film, it takes a minute to go to a You Tube, or similar camera. But the display could be seen reaching up over the buildings with its different colors of light. She had been saying that we have been together, have been lovers, for six months, seven really. I asked her to go out on terrace with me to look. She invited me to film the celebration in July from the terrace. This was from a different angle, the Harbor, not the river, but the night sky was black as distance and space, with large green circles in the air. Half of the pizza from New Years Eve is still left for tommorow- I brought her Christmas photos home for her for the new year; I had bought her a dvd player and six films for Christmas and there was the luck of the photos being printed on a DVD.

Scott Lord