Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donna's Birthday: A Movie and Pizza

Near midnight,
Just arriving home from the film from Boylston, near Emerson College. While I was there I asked for a pair of 3D glasses. I owned a three d film in super eight fifty feet when in junior high school and wanted them in the event I find anything on the Internet in three d. I actually needed them for an online course in Victorian Stereoscopic photography a couple months ago.

Yesterday we had lunch and there was a wild rabbit outside the Massachusetts Ave Baptist church, which is just before The Carpenter in regard to Harvard Square. For my own memory, the sincerity with which she said,"I would like an egg salad sandwich" was so matter of fact, that, considering it was the first warm day of this Spring, her having asked if we could could walk the distance to Harvard Square and in light of her often being reluctant to try new restaurants once we have established where we usually go, it was just that convincing that that was what she really wanted right then and that it was with all politeness that she had firmly decided.

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