Sunday, December 6, 2015

Our second performance of Handel's Messiah on Tremont Street


     We sat in the balcony during a performance of Handel's Messiah. Last year we were in front of the orchestra. we were invited by the orchestra manager, who is Donna's supervisor in the church library.
Donna only just got her new camera this week and was unsteady using it still, so we don't have any photographs of the performance. As written as a classical piece, the Hallelujah chorus is a substantial pop-rock single, I regard to chords.
Not having any photographs I went to research the history of the church/theater as I have already included it in an online theater class assignment and I came up with the volume pictured above. it is a decorative theater and Donna was hesitant to sit in the balcony, but acquiesced, enjoying it after seeing her friend in the orchestra.
   I got a letter from her senior minister this morning in regard to correspondence I had sent with condolences for a member of the congregation. I had taken the initiative to write the clergy, and with a sincere thought of sympathy, which was politely recieved. I'll leave the person's webpage as it is, how he left it, without posting any of the art work here, only writing that he admired Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper.

In the meanitine. Needless to Say. Have been taking on line courses. There was a course in fact on Handel's Messiah offered by Harvard University on the same platform that I use, but I'm not a musician, so I declined enrolling, which is funny, because before we were dating I read a mystery titled the Memorial Hall Murder about a performance of Handel's Messiah at Harvard, which was more a a comical pastiche from a Harvard Art student. I have classes from Harvard University on line in which I currently enrolled in, but on China and the Renaissance, not Classical Music.
 But this did happen, we met the third online instructor of mine, and I recieved a very nice letter from him after.
It was a course in Literature and I was very surprised to see him in the United States, so I introduced myself to him and he introduced himself to Donna. He mentioned he was a visiting professor at Harvard and I included a video of him in my other blog. So we met my Literature professor from Australia while I was finishing a literature class in Science Fiction from Zurich.
Since I just got word that I got the lowest passing grade in all three of my last classes, I looked to find that, although there is no "semester structure" to online classes other than what you put together yourself, there are new classes popping up just as I am completing those now in progress. 

here's what I have finished online so far in a year and a half:

here's what I have finished online in a year and a half, over thirty classes. Seriously, each classes is on a different subject related or only seemingly not related to being a writer and I would almost ask you to look at them to see which subjects you find of interest in regard to never having taken the class before or from the perspective that it is world wide. After a class in Shakespeare from Stratford and Avon and the Iniversity of Warwick and University of Birmingham, I felt that I could learn about the world from where the world lectures.

Please review my completed classes: Scott Lord Online Certificates

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