Thursday, September 3, 2015

Afternoon with Thomas P ONeil III

Today's surprise was that on the way to an appointment we met Tomas P O'Neil, former lieutenant governor now of O'Neil and Associates, a communications firm. I turned quickly and said, "Hello, sir. Nice to see you." , which he returned with "Nice to see you." The irony was we thought we were going to be late, too late to stop for coffee, when in fact, after we arrived, Mr. O'Neil surfed on his mobile phone for about a half hour while we were waiting. While we're were waiting, I did call my father, meaning rather than bothering Mr. O'Neil with questions, I was busy on the telephone with my father with a social call, for no occasion. I knew Mr. O'Neil got the message that I intentionally withheld it from my father that the entire time we were on the phone I was sitting next to the son of Tip ONeil, the Massachusetts Congressman who took J.F.K's vacancy and later became Speaker of the House. I didn't say anything about, but just picked that time to call, when Mr. O'Neil was there and could have eavesdropped. Not only did we think we were going to be late, but I happened to be wearing my least favorite shirt; is has Harvard Insignia Veritas and was from second hand store left over from an integral event. Usually they are not for sale. I called my father about eighteen years ago to tell him that I had seen Joseph Kennedy giving a speech at city hall Boston one day, and that I had seen Senator Kerry whispering a speech on the minimum wage the next day in the same spot, in front of City Hall. I'm glad I left it out this time.

Scott Lord