Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thank you Donna, I've completed more than ten online college classes this year.

Thank you, Donna. Another certificate came in just as I had completed the quiz questions at 100% for the course on Australian Literature- thirty two correct out of thirty two asked. It was eighty two questions correct out of eighty two questions asked for three courses. The class before that, with a low graded essay still came in with a certificate of distinction by a percent or two, at 71 questions out of 72- the total of quiz questions for the last four completed certificate courses makes 153 questions answered correct out of 154, from four different countries.
The certificate for Scandinavian Film and Television was sent twice, once a year ago, and this month, after having completed the course twice.

This year has had:

Scandinavian Film University of Copenhagen completed twice

Warhol Edinburgh
Introduction to Philosophy Edinburgh
Kierkegaard. Copenhagen with distinction
Plato Singapore with distinction
Modern Poerty Pennsylvania
Hollywood Film Wesleyan with 100% score

During that time two certificates were sent from Harvard University for American Poetry, the fourth class in progress at the moment which will make three out of four and added to that can be more than three courses from England on Future Learn, including Univeristies of Leicester, Warwick and Sheffield.

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