Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our building will be in a film, Donna walked through the on location set

I went to run an errand and there was a lighting crew with grips (their name was Black Flag working for Warner Brothers) and lights (the equipment read "Red Herring") in our parking lot ready for our building to appear in the distance on film. I brought Donna downstairs and asked if she wanted to go out and see the next street over where they were filming. We walked through where they were shooting and there was an antique vehicle in park, and one of the buildings was covered with graffiti for the film. Someone from the film directed her by saying "Keep on walking" and Donna asked, "Is Johnny Depp here?" The man just smiled. After the lighting crew left she asked to take another walk because it was a nice night. In front of a 68 Buick used in the film, she talked to security about tomorrow's afternoon filming and they told us about a Celtic Phonebox. We walked back through "the set" and found a wooden phone box the read "Telefon"; presumably the main street will be used for the United States and the side street will be a scene thought to take place in Europe. Mostly Donna liked having her picture taken in front of an Antique European car. Usually the most exciting thing is the wild rabbit that comes out from the train tracks and a hawk that flies through the parking lot to land on top of the building.
The movie is scheduled for next year, so untill then.......

Scott Lord