Sunday, November 17, 2013

Park Street Church,Tremont Street, Skimming Oliver Wendal Holmes-Pages from an old volume of life; a collection ...

During a reading of Ephesians, the above theologian was mentioned. The photograph is from a volume of the writings of Oliver Wendal Holmes. My confidence in Holmes is more as a poet than a theologian, so I'm only skimming for information, not profound insights that may or may not be debatable. If you can guess who the theologian in the picture is, the below link will bring you to what the poets of the Atlantic Monthly wrote about him. Pages from an old volume of life; a collection ...:

'via Blog this' In regard to the sermon itself, the passage from Ephesians was the most succinct, compressed summary of Christian ethics you could ask for, it ending with a supplication for Thanksgiving, but thankful that you are not lead into temptation. (and sing praise) In a way, if it is remove from the metaphysics of The Bible, it is a pretty good code of living- for some reason the minister repeated the word "transcendent" and I found it irrelevant to the passage, in that it seemed to be merely the words of an Apostle or Disciple, exhorting us to live right, or morally... and of course what works is that to pray is to worship in both thought and deed to where it does become a Utopia, where we would not even pollute the earth unneccessarily.

Scott Lord