Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I found a turtle, dusk at Back Beach,Front Beach, Sunset at Motif Number One

I remarked that it was a dark sunset set at Motif Number One, it actually being nightfall by the time we left. After dinner I was looking for a way to Back Beach. Last year Donna and I had visited Front Beach during the afternoon and she wanted to return. I had noticed that the landscaping to Millbrook Meadow was still in progress, whereas this year the public park was completed. There's a small wooden bridge and, a stairway that I asked if her and I could try. There happenned to be an old swing set and she wanted to use the swing, her saying, "I remember." Then she spotted a small waterfall, which is man-made cascading rocks that the brook travels over, when I heard a bullfrog. Apparently there might have been a waterwheel years ago, which has vanished, but its name is The Mill Pond, and has been there since the 1700's. A turtle, about the size of a small dish or paper plate, was swimming in the shallow water untill it finally neared the surface-we then exited the park, which is across the street from Front Beach. Front Beach is sand; Back Beach is almost entirely rock and or pebbles; they both lay adjacent. As the sun went down I had a coffee on Bearskin Neck as the rain held. It was cloudy, so there really wasn't any sunset, which in itself was a nice effect as we passed Motif Number One. To make it an even more interesting Rockport, while the Little Art Cinema was closed for the evening, the Rockport Town Hall had a light on, so we stopped in for a minute. Downstairs there were old paintings from local artists, which, although they might not be renown or exceedingly valuable, were well worth the pleasant suprise, one I remember being of Motif Number One by an obscure artist named Sam Coty.

Scott Lord