Friday, February 15, 2013

Love on the Thirteenth, Thirteen and A Kino for Valentine's Day

Donna was taking a shower while I was watching a Universal Sherlock Holmes, so I downloaded-uploaded two mysteries made by Monogram during the thrities. What was spectacular was that I had an errand to run an thought that she was possibly headed for a nap, so decided that if we were planning to go out to dinner, which we postponed unitll tonight, then I would quitely make love during the afternoon. While waiting for the Valentine's day party I noticed that while we were making love, there was a mass downstairs for Ash Wednesday- I was just something that occurred to me that our time together was approximately in the afternoon and then we had to dress for dinner. It wasn't significant that we made love during Mass, because we only later realized that we were on top of it, but I just thought it was something curious.
There was a box of Valentine's day candy from a movie that she had asked to go to( I had wanted to see Anna Karenina while she had wanted to so Breaking Dawn- so we saw both) and some flowers in that the last rose I brought her was still in the vase, so we just added a couple new ones. And there was a new stuffed animal to go with the one she got last year.
 After dinner tonight she bought a DVD, and then went to a second store and she gave me a Kino silent film as part of our Valentine's Day cards. I was in fact The Haunted Castle directed by F. W. Murnau and I mentioned that I write about Sjostrom and Christensen on the internet, so the film of course was mentioned on my page (Sjostrom, Christensen, Murnau are, Lubitsch I rarely mention).
She went shopping for a blouse that I really haven't seen on her yet.

The hawk returned to his perch nearby after the blizzard, so that can be worked into a poem.

Scott Lord