Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Never Believe its not so. "Are you writing in the Donna and Scott blog?"

Donna just asked me what I was writing. (I would really like to be involved in a work of fiction after the little reading that I happenned to have fit in this afternoon.) We spent most of the week in Macy's Christmas shopping. It was the fourth time over the weekend that we had been to the store. We have had dinner in Boston every night for the past three days. We were actually in Macy's during a city wide blackout from the River to Harvard Square and with the power off had to go down the escalators in the dark. We amazingly had lights and returned the next day to make the purchase.
I saved this photo out, not because I gave her perfume, but because I gave her a nightgown and a dozen roses. I don't feel like writing about how optimistic I am about my lift untill it happens, but I'll be at the gym untill midnight- in effect, I've regained enough to lift the amount of weight that I was lifting when I left a year and a half ago. I wouldn't know how, I don't lift everyday like I once did and I've only been using an isometric. But I can again bench the same weight as before. I still weigh approx 132 and still lift 200, but not as often. I'm trying a testosterone booster this time, but I've tried a lot of different supplements. Us? We've been making love late at night and I would like translate it into material for fiction and part of a novel (Two possible novels while I'm here on earth in that I'm now fifty?) Scott Lord on Silent Film

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