Thursday, November 22, 2012

Donna:Thanksgiving dinner (Catholic Church), Harvard Doctoral candidate invitation to film

I'll recommend the film as an agnostic. I'd like to write the poem about the circumstances under which we were invited- in the light, you will find the road. Donna and I spent our second Thanksgiving at a nearby Catholic church, in effect she attends church while I look for writing experiences, including foods that are different. We were discussing going to see Anna Karenina, and got lucky. There was a second Thanksgiving down the street and a complete stranger gave me a mimeograph. Last year we got lucky when the church members tried to deliver two ten pound turkeys to our building and allowed us to intercept one of them, their giving us enough for days. This year, rather than a crowded loud affair, the second dinner was given by a "pastor", and was a "small gathering". It happened to be a bible study group run by a Harvard Divinity School doctoral candidate. As odd as the feeling was, apparently the function room was at her disposal and she then invited us to a film. See it if you want and I'll ruin the ending if you'll watch it-  he has left her in a church and the film concludes with his voice over belief expression  of his belief in God and his returning for her. Because it has a romantic ending, the theological theme is, if the world were to end we should trust God and let faith bring whatever is next; or if it were not to end, then those who are "left behind" are left here to believe. The worst thing that can happen is that you would say that the movie is part of  "Christ in Literature" and purportedly deals with the books of Daniel and maybe Thessalonians.
I again mentioned to the pastor that while I'm with Donna, she can go into a church at any time and sit quietly and reflect. (Greek for mensa being altar- maybe to some artists-but the church is my museum) Really, if you are old enough to remember the Insight television series from Sunday mornings, which I still respect in some way, the film was reminiscent of it.
She won a new Christmas mug with cappaccino after dinner in a raffle and she, for now,placed it in the Holiday basket that she won in an earlier raffle months ago.

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