Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ghost Stories from Holyoke Gate


Washington commanded the Continental Army from both Harvard and the Longfellow House. After dinner last night, Donna and I had to stop for a little while at Holyoke Gate. Earlier this month I had spoken to "Alice Longfellow" the daughter of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow- Like the freedom trail on Tremont Street, Harvard University has guided tours with the guides in period costume; like the freedom trail, you might happen to evesdrop on the tour if you're sitting in the right spot as they go by.
     We got a "complimentary" ghost story" last night, for being in the right place. A revolutionary war soldier apparently revisited the house of the president of Harvard while a woman was vacuuming during the 1950's. He made no sound on the creaking stairs and made no footprints. "And with that", the tour guide went into the yard, which was just as we needed to leave.
Please read the book above marked "handbook". I happened to find it this evening and am pouring through it.
It seems like one that Donna would take an interest in as I continue through it.
"Things like that, that's what I would journal about. I bought you a pair of shoes. I wouldn't buy just anyone a pair of shoes."

Donna is standing behind me again as I type and she was asking when we last made love; if it it was last night or the night before. Of course it was this afternoon after we got home from brunch, that we both know.

"But it was also the night before, right?" She says she doesn't mind my blogging about her because it doesn't have her picture. In any event, we have passed the stairway in the photo twice in between making love.
"Scott, what stairway? What photo?"

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