Monday, June 11, 2012

Donna and I, why I call it making love not sex

I almost got into a Cartesian dualism discussion, still being a post-existentialist, when the phrase mind and body lept from the table while we were taking about the love-sex differential, and finally she said. "Love includes sex", to where I answered something like, "That was all I was getting at." After making love she apparently found my dreadlock, so I finally came up with, "Will you help me tame this dreadlock?" I has getting exasperated with, "Yes, but was everything romantic, or nice before the crescendo and discovery of the dreadlock." Why the time that she said "I love this afternoon", after we had had lunch together; having not forgotten everything about the semicolon, my having a pastrami was special as was the way she look at me; and usually not using the semicolon twice so as not to use a dash; it had been so special is possibly just her expression- what I can re-experience and relearn. I was exhausted before making love and told her that early enough- but we had kissed and I believe it was the second kiss of the day. There not only has been a hawk living in the parking lot ever since we celebrated our one year anniversary of dating while nearly living together- don't find it uncanny (I don't use the expression 'don't laugh but') but the hawk moved in when I did- but after our visting Mount Auburn Cemetary for a year and the hawk near Donna's apartment having avoided low altitudes when she was there but being fairly visible often while I was running errands, she finally got to see a second hawk at Mount Auburn where I could show her the hover and wingspan. Scott Lord revised blog

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