Saturday, January 7, 2012

Having coffee in Boston-Donna is in a class; "Good Morning, I love you"

Last night while we were making love, (I was alternating kissing her below the waist with my speaking to her), I said, almost wildly, "My beautiful girlfriend, oh, my, beautiful girlfriend", with the sound that it was heaven for us to be back in bed together, and she said, "That's finance, I was going to tell you." Why I note it is also that there would be paragraphs in my novel about my devout resolve not to say a word during love making, especially while nearing its conclusion (resolution).
She is presently in a class on a not too cold January morning, and despite my being in the middle of the city, I almost look like I took my shower at 2:00 am and had to hurry this morning. To reiterate, my laptop doesn't require wifi and its early to begin surfing the internet from a coffee shop across the river.
Note that being clear about why she is taking the class might provide insight into who she is, and consequently who she is while we are a couple; there's often a valuable moment to reflect available.

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