Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Donna said Thank You for Last Night-Scott Lord: Universal Sherlock Holmes Trailers

Postscript: This morning Donna said, "Thank You for last night." We were awake untill late and showered in the middle of the night. Within my new novel, I want to work on her having said, "That's because you make me feel beautiful."- I had given her a compliment just as we were about to go to bed and may interweave the responsorial into fiction.

I wrote what is below last night. It happenned to be that I was listening to "The Speckled Band", the last words heard spoken during a night of murder, and an installment in the series entitled "Double Zero". Interstingly, it was an adventure that was depicted on the airwaves of radio by Basil Rathbone, but the earlier screen version starred Raymond Massey, which would be of special interest if you were listening to the radio broadcasts, which are more numerous than the films, after having seen all of the Basil Rathbone-Nigel Bruce films.

While with Donna I have returned to a NIGHTLY practice of listening to old time radio. The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce are better than I once thought.
In the past week they have covered Holmes under the name of a Norwegian explorer in Tibet, the daughter of Irene Adler appearing in Sussex 1909 and Moriarty appearing in a 1908 stage play version, much like the William Gillette version, playing himself on stage in front of Holmes.
After the half hour I try a new Old Time Radio show that I've never heard before- last night was Boris Karloff in Lights Out (The Suspense-Escape series), sometimes I'll try a Weird Circle or a Murder at Midnight or a Murder by Experts- the CBS Radio Mystery Theater and The Shadow were the two that I listened to when young, and am stilled more than pleased with.
Tonight it seems like I'll be listening to another in that I'll be typing at the computer and it is easier than listening to music while typing.

I need to look for more trailers that will combine with these.

Scott Lord

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