Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another weekend with Donna- The Moonstone

We began another weekend together friday with a buffet. There are still flowers on the table that I brought her. In effect, we slept late for the last two days, but I did return to the gym to lift. I'm not lifting as much as when I left the gym in June, but in one week of three lifting seesions I pumped the bench press back up to 190. I had it at 200 when we began seeing each other every day.
Because I'm in the middle of reading The Moon and Sixpence, I thought it would be good also to resume my listening to "Old Time Radio", "OTR". This weekend I listened to an excellent dramatization of The Moonstone from Weird Circle, which was on air between 1947 and 1949. Another was an episode of The Strange Dr. Weird. It is well worth my keeping copies both and, if you haven't really been introduced to the on air radio plays that were popular before the advent of televsion and need to arbitrarily pick a radio adventure or mystery to begin with, these are two that I plunged into in the middle of needing to "just pick any one" out of the thousands of radio mysteries of the 1930's and 1940's.

As a thank you letter to Donna, I very much appreciate having an afternoon where i can listen to these, (particularly with quiet company that may be watching a film.)

Classic Mystery and Horror Literature from The Weird Circle

The Thrilling Mystery Adventures from The Strange Dr. Weird

Scott Lord

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