Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scott Lord: Film (Samuel Beckett silent 1965)- "see Sherlock Jr."

I downloaded this in bed while Donna was alseep. Thank you Dr. Hammond and the Castle by Sea for everything: I like your impeccable library and its cobweb magazine rack: keep me on spiritual remote.

Since I don't use wifi, I had my Dell on my thighs after we made love. After we made love, and I'll add a love scene to my novel about my lips on her thighs and my arms reaqching up to lightly touch her nipples, we washed up and each had a bowl of cereal- Life (oatsquares) with honey is superfantastic. I uploaded the film into You Tube as she layed there untill 2:00. We have windchimes that we bought at Hammond Castle that hang from a Stained Glass Cross and I thought two things: it takes that to write and I was going to wish her a beautiful morning- not after what I've lived through was I not going to make her morning beautiful.
Please enjoy the thought behind Film by Samuel Becket. As someone who would have studied art, I prefer the descriptive love form for characterization and poetic prose to theater and screenplay.
     It was remarkable that while we were making love we got to where we only needed to say two things during passion:
"I Love You Donna"
"I Love You Scott"
Thoughtfully, she was sick last weekend and I'm that glad that she feels better and we are back to intimacy. I told her there is intimacy after after intimacy.

Love beyond all reason; love the reason for everything.

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