Sunday, September 4, 2011

Donna brought me to Good Harbor, Gloucester Massachusetts

We"re staying across from Good Harbor beach, which I underestimated untill this afternoon, when Donna and I followed the coastline on the trolley. The view of the Atlantic ocean was spectacular, it including Twin Lights, two lighthouses from the 1800's. She went swimming while I filmed her with my webcam. We took a short walk before dinner, kissing in a parking lot. There was a diner that did look like it was from the time period of painter Edward Hopper- I had lobster (and a cheesesteak later). After dark we walked the stairs to the house of Fitz Hugh Lane (Fitz Henry Lane). As the bells from downtown she said that she would have to marry me immediately, right then and there. I had not seen the house in over twenty years, but it had always been the landmark I would notice as part of the scenic route: a symbol to complement Motif Number 1. I had never been right to its door. The trolley included a ride passed the green fisherman statue, whom Donna is wearing on her new t-shirt. Passing the statue, I was glad to find that traffic had slowed to a standstill before it continue its tour of the Atlantic Ocean towards Stage Fort Park. I turned to her and said, "Ok, thank you. This was where i wanted to bring you. It's just one of my "beautiful spots on earth" While I was typing this she insisted that I include that she is one of the "most beautiful women on earth".

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