Monday, August 8, 2011

Donna brought me to another movie.

Donna and I spent the weekend together again, which has been every weekend since the first of June. Friday I had to refill my transdermal nicotine patches. We did laundry and went shopping for her apartment. Saturday and Sunday she slept late. After having missed her church service, which is a study of the book of Mark and which is acceptable in that I am an agnostic love poet or studier of aesthetics, she took me to another movie. We went to see a comedy in a theater she seems to like that occasionally adds silent film to its program. Although she's reluctant to see a silent in that she hasn't seen that many of them and although she said she could see Jaws, which was playing with its sequel and was one of the first films to utilize The Steadycam, we went to a comedy that began with a topshot and reiterated the shot toward the end of the film with a combination topshot pullback shot.

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