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"You would think that there is a God, especially in that you were in a certain place at a certain time. I believe in love whether there is or there is not  a Supreme Being and I believe in being in love. If someone has a belief in God or a creator then it is part of who they are and it belongs to them, so debate is only philosophical untill their emotions and ideals become something poetic about them, and when the discussion develops to the postition that there is a God the other person believes in or a spirtuality they need to be who they are, then it becomes a matter of philosophiclly listening, the imperative being that the freedom of other person can be known deeper as an act of love or an aethetic act of observing their beauty or the beauty of their ideas and emotions. The debate is no longer concerned with if there is a God from the agnostic postion, it is concerned with if life can be made more beautiful and if love can be made more intimate."
     She usually ended each phone call by saying, "I love you." but with this instance she added to it by saying, "I love you so much."
     After they had said goodnight, he began again,"I owe you fifty cents." She laughed and before she could say anything he enthusiasticly added, "Good night. I love you." so as to assure her that was all he needed to say, to which she quickly replied, "I love you too." The fact of the matter was that they had known each other before their having become involved. 
     Had it been that he had earlier reminded her of what had happened between them, outlining the actions of their bodies before and after, if not before, during and after their conversations? At first the moon from the terrace was red, it then being low on the horizon, to which he called her attention, asking her if in fact if it wasn't the moon. After his cigarette and after they had talked for a short while, it seemed more orange, shadows of hue passing across it. Later, it was considerably higher on the horizon taking into account for how long they had talked, it entirely white in its brightness except for a thin band of clouds passing across it. They had had two nights of making love that seemed exceptional for them before she had began her menstration and were left to mostly only hold each other. During the two earlier nights, and during several of the nights before that they had quickly acquired a way of being near to each other right before making love where they would look at each other each laying in bed on their side almost using the same pillow, their faces almost touching while looking into each other's eyes where there was almost a happiness to their intimacy.
     "Talking about marriage gets me sexually stimulated, especially that we're exclusive."
     "When your nipples are erect and harden makes me think of what could happen between us .Sensually, am I kissing you softly enough; I like to use my tongue strait down instead of my finger and circle with it before using my mouth and lips."
     Earlier that evening right after they had had dinner together she mentioned that while they were there she wanted to go into the chapel to pray. She had ask him in with her and silently sat for a moment with her hands folded and happily acknowledged when she had finished, announcing that they could then leave. There had been brochures there that he was looking at in between watching her pray and they were those that almost, if seen with a black humor, bordered on being morbid, their concerning the potential loss of a love one and the putting aside of time during the day that could be used to reflect upon those who had recently departed as though there were to be regular sessions of appreciative thoughtfulness after their passing and prayers dedicated to the recently deceased or soon to be deceased. In bed he had said that she was more than welcome to pray anytime that she desired to and not only had the freedom, but the individuality. She then told him that she was praying that they could be together as a couple.
     "I meditated", he said, trying not to sound hesitant that his thoughts, although directed toward her, had not been in the apostrophe and specifically sent to an omnipotent deity.

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