Saturday, July 23, 2011

Donna took me to breakfast and brought me to another movie.

This morning I heard her say "Scott and I love each other." How is her grammer: "Scott liked their blueberry muffins just as much as I liked them."
She brought me to breakfast and I asked her to order whatever she was having, which was scrambled eggs and hash browns.
Then we went to Harvard Square where she bought herself a necklace and took me to another film.
There seemed an example of reverse field, or reverse direction cutting during the film, where a young girl is on the stairs and the diagnal lines seem to reverse direction from shot to shot. Again, there is a superimposure scene and during the film I said "almost reverse screen cutting". Those two scenes were artisticly shot.
Last night our legs were entwined. I called it an awkward position that I had never really thought of before, but we were trying to get as close to each other physically as we could possibly get. Of course we had to unentwine them an dthen I gave her a back massage.

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