Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Donna is down to 118 lbs. Old Bookstore Closed. Attended Church.

This morning she said something to the effect that the making love between us last night was the best that she had ever experienced.
It was our most beautiful night. The night before I had said," Love is beautiful, act upon it and how you feel."
Sunday she invited me to Church. I had stayed from Saturday evening onward, and haven't since typed. I would like to say it was a class in divinity, which it was not, it was a regular service. They read from the book of Mark, the passages concerning an argument about which disciple would be seated at the left or right hand of Jesus and the power within the infrastructure of the theocracy, and a blind man that followed Jesus after having been cured. It was near to being a class in Theology. I had my arm around her during the service. After church Donna and I went to coffee. I've been looking for a copy of Human Sexual Response, so I checked the old bookstore. It was the bookstores last day and I bought a regularly $60.00 hardcover textbook from Rutgers University Press on Film criticism for a dollar, and two others for another dollar. I'm currently reading Re-Vision Essays in Feminist Film Criticism. I'm going to intermittantly revise the older novel I was writing while beginning the new one.
Then we had dinner- egg fu young, shrimp chowmein and shrimp fried rice. I stayed and it was beautiful, but last night was more beautiful. It was more that she physically wanted me and that I could give her pleasure. My appreciation of her body and wanting her could be translated into her fullfilment.
She just wanted to know that she was the best kisser. I personally like to hang my mouth off her kneck and on her shoulder blades.

Scott Lord

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