Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Donna and I walked Cambridge hand in hand, night of passion

Night of passion. In all honesty we had the weekend together and her menstral cycle finished. We couldn't find a movie and she asked to go to bed early; really early. More honestly, I don't talk in bed, but to carry it through, the other night I came up with "Donna you're cute" several times to cover our being only recently attached to each other. Last night we were more intimate. it was beautiful and we've been together just long enough to feel what the other is feeling.
During the afternoon we went to get a dress of hers altered; it needed to be hemmed. She's a size 9 skirt. We spent Friday night together and had most of the rest of the weekend. Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, which was a deeper movie than you would expect, but with mystery plot twists and disappearances. Sunday she brought me to church and I took notes for my novel, which again is agnostic. Again it is near to a class in divinity and we are studying the book of Mark. I kissed her lightly so as to say, there cannot be a God without love and to the effect of "love is the only power and only benevolence, I'll say compassion, but empathy rather, can be the ruling force." It was during Mark 11:24, which reads that whatever you ask in prayer you can believe that you have received it as a promised fulfilled. The homily read more like,"Believe in the act of prayer as a fulfillment of a promise based on that the authority of Christ reflects a divine plan and there is therefore no fate or happenstance. So in kissing her it was like my going over their head and saying that I have the authority to make all things from God a kiss between us, and that there is no other worship than benevolence.
Its on odd part of the testament to look at in that Jesus (Christ) is cursing fig trees that are barren and throwing a tantrum in the marketplace, but he makes a triumphant entrance as their king. So for the novel, the theme would be belief as a necessary beginning, to accomplish anything, first there must be the resolve of human endeavor, or contemplation-meditation, if you will.
Between us, it is not entirely my place to say that one of the things Donna is praying for is love between us, nor am I concerned how it would sound if I were to say she is praying for intimate sexual relations between us, but I certainly loved spending the afternoon with her and was flattered, if not honored, to be seated next to her during the service. She sings in church.
The living in the material world tantrum on the part of Christ can be written about by looking at its context, religion is Christ's priority, not corruption, which relect's a "socialist-like concern for the well being of his congregation". How it would be acceptable to an artist is as a correllary to the belief in beauty. Artists beleive in beauty, Christ sees a deeper meaning to existence. The art of the 18th century aristocrat might be seen as wastefully opulent during A Tale of Two Cities.
In any event, she bought me dinner during which we talked very intimately and she imparted things to me about herself that, although are no longer part of her present life, were deeply personal. She's also dieting between 118 lbs and 123, so I've been telling her about the weight lift. She usually says, "You look good", right before it begins to get flirtsy or romantic.
Little things: I did her dishes for her without being asked, almost because I she hadn't mentioned them. I had a bowl of cereal while she was in bed during the night. She usually buys me a coffee when I first arrive. We fairly compatible, as compatible as I thought we might be. She has a singular way of saying "Thank you" everytime I touch her hair, which I do almost automaticlly without thinking that she is going to say "Thank You" again. Its cute-soft. I'll be stroking her hair for 45 seconds or a minute or two and then when I'm not quite thinking of it and have stopped, she'll say Thank you and I'm still suprised to hear "I like that".

Scott Lord