Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scott Lord: I'm her boyfriend. We said good night and I Love You

She just said it may be too early for her to have said I love you but she felt that way.
This is Sunday night and we saw each other for the first time in over a year Saturday afternoon. Yesterday I said that I could be her boyfriend the minute she told me too, and tonight she said, "I think I might like you to be my boyfriend."
We'll be going out this week.
She left a message saying I love your message and I love you.
I explained that I kept the blog entry brief because it meant everything and left my notes on our conversation as handwritten.
She wants to write a novel and gets excited talking about the possiblity.
There are little things, one being that she likes babyfood, that I'll note later for my novel and journal-blogging. I had two or three cigarettes when she called and then took the rest of the call in bed.

I'm her boyfriend.
I haven't thought of a name like darling or baby yet, but please, I told you most everything, and that was how I felt about you back then and its hard to believe that that was how you
felt, although I hoped you did. How I feel now, after two days, is easy to tell you.
I love you and I'm serious and if I try to make it fun, its for us. It was nice to listen to you tonight. I look for a new hat untill I think of what to bring you.
Goodnight, I Love You and we'll try to get you typing your novel of either your or my computer.

Love (Your boyfriend)

to an oldest,dearest, most cherished,
beautiful woman that I am so glad to have laid eyes on again
an have become intimate with far to quickly to let it slow down; please
think of me the first thing when you wake up

Next morning:

It's real- this morning was exactly how we would be in love. I called her to ask how she was and say good morning. I told her that I would have like to bring her breakfast in bed; plus I wanted to know where the phone was. I told her to go back to sleep. I had left a message earlier saying that it was more romantic and that I didn't get to sleep untill six in the morning because "I needed a hug". Not som much needed a hug, but that I knew what we would be like if we fell asleep holding each other. She said "I would have given you a hug."
I then asked her to call me later and for her to go back to sleep.

Scott Lord